Spoken English

English is a global language and is accepted and supported everywhere including India. Speaking in English makes a person looks more confident as this kind of interaction adds to our personality quite positively. Being unsure about speaking proper English basically leads to low confidence and makes a person feels like he will not be able to put up an impression that he wants. Here are some of the tips and tricks that will help you overcome the fear of being bad in English and become more confident.
A thought might often cross our minds that why are we so comfortable with our National Lnaguage Hindi or our Mother Tongue. Well a simple answer is that we are quite regular with them and are surrounded with the people talking in these languages all the time. Thats what we need to follow in our lives. Read as much as you can, watch some videos in English & talk as much as you can without shaming about the mistakes you might commit, in fact ask people to correct you as and when they think you are wrong. These regular practices will make you improve your command over English. After spoken English classes, you will able to speak more fluently and also have more confidence.
Speaking English properly is the need of the hour. It will automatically make you feel more confident as you know you are now prepared to face any kind of situation and you are not dependant on anyone. We prepare you for this language in a way that you do not even realize when you are much more friendly than you might have thought.
Generally people make these similar mistakes and the better way to improve is to keep trying and making sure not to repeat the same mistakes again. Use dictionaries to learn new words and phrases and try to find out the meaning of every new word that you hear or read. Make a proper list of words while reading a newspaper, magazine or some other book.
Watching videos or films in English with subtitles will not only help youunderstand the language better but also teaches you many new words which you would not come across in general. Also it will improve your accent as following their words properly tells you how to pronounce the words. Read out an article daily and read it as loud as possible to not only improve your fluency but your confidence as well. Have someone by your side to listen to you while you speak and ask him or her to correct you when you go wrong. Record and listen to yourself time and again, it will be beneficial as far as selfimprovisation is concerned, as you will know where you went wrong. Try to find someone who is interested in learning English just like you. Making him or her a partner will help both the persons at the same time and will also give you a moral support as you both can keep noticing each others mistakes and keep improving with time.

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